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Model 500-TQ
QUICK ADJUST® Trip Lever, Tubular Plastic

Select a Pipe Type Select Feature(s)

PVC Polyvinyl Chloride (White)
ABS Acrylontrile Butadiene Styrene (Black)
BB - Champagne Bronze
BN - Brushed Nickel
BO - Bone
BS - Biscuit
BZ - Rubbed Bronze
CB - Chrome Brushed
CP - Chrome Plated
NP - Nickel Polished "PVD"
PB - Polished Brass "PVD"
WH - White
WI - Matte Black
BD - Brass Drop Cylinder
DH - Display Stand
RT1 - Removable Tailpiece+O ring
EX2 - 2 In Extension
EX24 - 24-In. Extension
EX3 - 3 In Extension
EX30 - 30-In. Extension
EX4 - 4 In Extension
EX5 - 5 In Extension
EX6 - 6 In Extension
EX7 - 7 In Extension
CD - Condensate Drain Plastic
D1.5 - 1.5-in Drain Extention
D10 - 10-in Drain Extension
D2 - 2-in. Drain Extension
D3 - 3-in. Drain Extension
D6 - 6-in Drain Extension
EX27 - 27-In Extension
EX31 - 31-In. Extension
EX36 - 36`-In. Extension
FT - Fine Thread
HD - Home Depot labels
MER - Menard Label
GRA - Grainger Label
CAL - California Labels
DIB - Do It Best Packaging
LOW - Lowes Label

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