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Model 901

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Model 901 Choices
901-BRI Innovator® Brass, Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40, BULK PACK
901-DSC Innovator® Dome Strainer Cover Half Kit, Sch 40
901-FA Innovator® FOOT ACTUATED Half Kit, Sch 40
901-FARI Innovator® FOOT ACTUATED Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40
901-LT Innovator® LIFT & TURN Half Kit, Sch 40
901-LTRI Innovator® LIFT & TURN Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40
901-PF Innovator® PRESFLO® Half Kit, Sch 40
901-PFRI Innovator® PRESFLO® Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40
901-PP Innovator® PUSH PULL® Half Kit, Sch 40
901-PPRI Innovator® PUSH PULL® Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40
901-PPU Innovator® PP Half Kit - Universal NuFit
901-ZRI Innovator® Zinc, Half Kit ROUGH-IN, Sch 40,

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