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Thermaline Freezeless Water Connector
The Thermaline is a compact unit designed especially to provide water service to mobile homes. It is ideal wherever a freezeless sanitary tight line installation is needed, such as waterers for livestock.

The Thermaline is protected from freezing by a bonded polyurethane foam insulation permanently molded in high strength plastic casing, and a 15 watt (110-120v) portable insert heater, which costs about a penny a day to operate even at 50° below zero.

The heater can be inserted and removed from the Thermaline without interrupting the water service.

Galvanized iron riser pipe with coal-tar coating on lower end, brass fittings, structural foam protective surface cover, and extra large cushion valve all combine to make the Thermaline water connector virtually maintenance free.

When not in use, wheel handle at surface level shuts off water below frost line and above the frost line can be removed completely with forced air or suction pump. You must check the 2H or 4H to the 6 and 7 foot for the 2 foot or 4 foot heater

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NE - Less: Heating Element
2H - 2 Foot Heater
4H - 4 Foot Heater for 6' and 7'

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