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Woodford Item # Product Description
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Model 25 Repair Kit, Not Intended For California
The Woodford RK-25/27 Repair Kit includes:

Upgrade a Model 25 with the RK-27: the Repair Kit that includes a 50HA Backflow Preventer! Have you ever turned off your faucet and had a spray-back of water? UPGRADE the 34H series on your Model 25 to a 50HA to protect from spray-back! The Woodford Model 50 Auto-Drain Double Check Backflow Preventer is the first ASSE 1052 Approved automatic draining double-check backflow preventer. When a hose is removed from a Model 50 equipped wall faucet, two linked but independent checks move as one to open a path through the valve allowing water to drain completely and prevent freezing.

1. Handle Screw
2. Wheel Handle
3. Drain Guard
4. Head Nut
5. Headnut Gasket
6. Stem Screw
7. Drain Valve Assembly
8. Plunger Assembly

List Price: $44.85
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Model RK-25
Item shown above may not reflect selected features or inlet.

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