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Woodford Item # Product Description
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Woodford Literature

Select a Model Choice below
Model LITERATURE Choices
LIT003 Price Guide
LIT009 Y34 Brocure
LIT010 Freezeless Residential Wall Faucet Trifold (BLUE)
LIT011 Freezeless Automatic Draining Wall Faucent Trifold (RED)
LIT012 Freezeless Commercial Automatic Draining (TAN)
LIT013 Commercial Roof Hydrant Trifold (PURPLE)
LIT014 Mild Climate Wall Hydrant Trifold (GREEN)
LIT015 Freezeless Yard Hydrant Trifold (ORANGE)
LIT016 Freezeless Utility and Sanitary Yard Hydrant Trifold (BROWN)
LIT017 Sanitary Yard Hydrant Brochure
LIT018 Under Cover Hydrant Model 68 Sell Sheet
LIT019 Say Goodbye to Pipe Ruptures Sell Sheet (Model 19/ 22 Combo)
LIT020 Adjustable Operation Rod / Oversized Flange Sell Sheet
LIT021 Mounting Sleeve Sell Sheet
LIT022 Model 30 Mounting Sleeve Sell Sheet
LIT023 Model 32 Sell Sheet
LIT024 MB 65 + 67 Sell Sheet
LIT025 Drywall Mounting Plate Sell Sheet
LIT026 Stem Lock Sell Sheet
LIT027 Y34 Brochure
LIT028 Model 19 Brochure
LIT029 Cold Climate 8.5 x 11 Brochure
LIT030 19 Builders Sheet Bill Chill
LIT031 R34 Sell Sheet
LIT032 19 Builders Sheet Bill Chill Black Handle

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