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Model 22
The freezeless Model 22 hot and cold faucet is designed and intended for year-round hot and cold irrigation and cleaning purposes regardless of outside temperature. Separate hot and cold inlet tubes allow for manually operated temperature control with cross contamination protection. This faucet contains patented pressure relief valves that prevents the faucet from bursting in freezing weather should a hose be accidentally left on. The Model 22 contains an integral backflow protection device and does not require and add-on vacuum breaker. When ordering, specify model, inlet and wall thickness CP3 INLET COMBINATION 3/4” Male Pipe Thread 3/4” Female Sweat CP INLET COMBINATION 1/2” Male Pipe Thread 1/2” Female Sweat P INLET COMBINATION 1/2” Female Pipe Thread 3/4” Male Pipe Thread INLET OPTIONS: PX INLET 1/2” PEX Tube Fitting PX3 INLET 3/4” PEX Tube Fitting W INLET 1/2” Wirsbo PEX Tube Fitting W3 INLET 3/4” Wirsbo PEX Tube Fitting Available in two models: • Model 22 Horizontal Mount - Rough Brass • Model V22 Vertical Mount - Rough Brass for end wall installation

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Model 22 Choices
22C Model 22C Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall faucet
22C3 Model 22C3 Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22CP Model 22CP Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22P Model 22P Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22PX Model 22PX Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22PX3 Model 22PX3 Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22W Model 22W Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet
22W3 Model 22W3 Freezeless Hot & Cold Wall Faucet

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